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Confession: I used to not like vegetables, either.

About Company

Growing up, I resisted eating vegetables, even though my parents stressed their importance to health and the value they provide in terms of nutrients.

It was not until later that I learned that vegetables begin to lose their nutritional value from the moment they are harvested. A recent University of California study showed that vegetables lost up to 55% of their vitamin C within a week of being harvested, and some types of spinach lose 90% of their value within a week of harvest. Can you imagine how much nutritional value is lost when we consume vegetables harvested a continent away and shipped to us on a boat, then delivered on a truck?

About Company

Vegetables are the most important part of our diet, and adequate vegetable consumption can help protect us from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, metabolic syndromes, and cardiovascular diseases, and it can also improve many of the risk factors associated with those diseases.

The call to grow your own vegetables is clear, but the forces against the move toward at-home gardening are real. After all, your life is busier than ever, and it’s natural to assume that any garden that would fit in your home or apartment is not large enough to sustain you. Plus, like us, you probably grew up in a city and don’t know the first thing about raising a plant.

At Ezy, we’ve worked hard to solve many of these problems and make-at-home gardening a realistic option no matter your lifestyle.

Core Values

We set out to make at-home gardening fit with your lifestyle

Why Us
Simple Clean

No mess, no hassle. Our breathable pots simplify planting and allow almost any species of plant to thrive

Why Us
Low Maintenance

Easy minimum and minimal upkeep mean you can produce a beautiful garden in any corner of your home

Why Us

Questions, concerns, or comments? We’re here to help you out and get your family on the road to healthier eating

Our Technology

Growing healthy food at home is easier than you think

Our Technology

We sell only the finest at-home growing tools, meaning it’s fun and easy for everyone to grow healthy food at home

Choose from self-watering pots, efficient light systems, and sleek humidifiers to create the perfect at-home gardening environment

Ready to introduce healthier eating in the workplace? Our low-fuss components are perfect for busy offices and workplaces which want to find options for healthier food and stress release

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