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High inflation! Eat healthy! Food sustainable! Zero Food Waste! Save the Earth!

Any one of the above reasons is enough for you to start growing your own food. Whether is it for yourself, your family or for the environment. Be sustainable ready now!

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About Us
About Us

We want you and your family to take control of the food you eat. We make it simple and fun to grow and harvest your own food, whether you and your family live in a tiny apartment or a sprawling estate. Becoming your own farmer is easier than you think.

Innovative Technology

We’ve piloted new and exciting systems that allow you to grow fresh, wholesome, nutritious vegetables at home.

Advanced Indoor Gardening

Grow inside no matter what the weather is like outside. We provide high-quality, efficient grow-at-home tools to get you started.

Grow Food In the Comfort of Your Home

Stop buying lettuce from the supermarket! Grow fresh food at home with no chemicals, no GMO, and no pesticides. Our seeds promise high germination rates.

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Other Products

Put an end to supermarket visits and stop wondering if your food is safe. Learn more about our tools for at-home gardening success.

  • Grower System, Model: Harvest II (Latest model)

    Latest Model: Ezy Gardening has create another vegetable growing system, Harvest II. The grower can grow up to 32 vegetables at a time. Crafted from a durable wooden frame, it features: ● 3 modes of auto on/off LED timer, to provide lights to meet the plant needs in every growing stages ● Hydroponic System, Water […]

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  • TG-H Humidifier

    BENEFITS: Purify The Air and Increase Humidity Best for Office workers who suffer from dry skin, and a way to grow thirst plants indoors. 1、The LeGrow Humidifier package addresses the #1 cause of dying indoor plants (lack of moisture) and is the missing link to growing plants indoors. A must-have for all indoor plant enthusiasts, […]

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  • Cherry tomato

    Premium Seeds selection. – 100% Non- GMO – 85% of germination rate. Refer to packaging QR Code for planting instruction and cooking tips.

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  • Self-Watering Pot

    Botanium enables you to grow herbs and vegetables – fast and easily. Featuring automatic watering and a water tank that lasts several weeks, this product is magical if you lack green thumbs and want fresh basil with minimum effort. – No soil – no dirt and no soil-borne bugs – Built-in water tank that lasts […]

    $150.00 $120.00
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Why Ezy?

It’s simple: Ezy empowers you and your family to easily grow vegetables and herbs at home, no matter what your climate and how large your growing area. We offer solutions that empower successful at-home gardening, which results in a healthier, happier you.

Why Us
Simple Clean

Breathable pots to simplify planting, and allows any species of plants to thrive.

Why Us
Low Maintenance

Easy maintenance and minimal upkeep for a beautiful desk garden. ance and minimal upkeep for a beautiful desk garden.

Why Us

Questions, concerns, or comments? We’re here to help you out and get your family on the road to healthier eating

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