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  • Grower Machine

    Ezy Gardening has create our state-of-the-art growing machine. Crafted from a durable wooden frame, it features: ● 3 modes of auto on/off LED timer, to provide lights to meet the plant needs in every growing stages ● Hydroponic System, Water pump to provide oxygen to the roots ● Low electricity, energy-saving voltage consumption Product Dimension […]

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  • Growing Medium Set

    Growing Medium Set make up with 3 parts. Germination hood, Starter plug and Grower basket. Its expedite the growing process, support the plant from growing and reduce the chance of algae from growing.  Email us for special price if you are getting bulk purchase. 1) Germination hood – to remain a constant temperature for seeds […]

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  • Nutrient for Hydroponic

    This nutrient is only suitable for hydroponic gardening, and it is suitable for all type of seeds. Its strengthen the roots system, so that the plant will grow faster and healthier. Instruction Use 7 pipettes for one full water tank of Harvest Grower series’ water tank (3500ml) for every 3- 4 weeks.

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